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Animals & Adventure in Costa Rica
We finished up our time in Panama with a few days on the beautiful Caribbean islands of Bocas del Toro.[...]
Panama: Welcome to Central America
I'm not entirely sure where to start with Panama. As my very first experience of Central America, it threw me[...]
Adventures in Minca
We made our way to Minca for the most part for it's mountains, but also to escape the humidity of[...]
City Hopping to the Coast
We made our way north from Salento to Medellin. A city famed for it's turbulent history and is now home[...]
Colombia: The Capital and Coffee
It's no secret that Colombia is a country that fascinates and intrigues me, so it's no real surprise that I[...]
Climbing Vallunaraju (Peruvian Andes Part Two)
With just one night back in Huaraz to rest up, the next day I would be attempting something that I[...]
Hiking & Huaraz (Peruvian Andes Part One)
I arrived in Huaraz on the night bus from Lima, my first since being back in South America but nothing[...]
Easter in Arequipa
With the advantage of being able to plan a few months in advance, me and Phil discussed a short trip[...]
A Return to South America (& Machu Picchu)
It's been a strange couple of weeks, in the best way possible. Back in South America, back to traveling, speaking[...]
Back in Business
In September 2010, I set off on a trip around the globe with two of my best mates that, for[...]
How To End The Trip of a Lifetime
And so we completed our final bus ride of the entire trip which was strangely something of a relief and[...]
Falling for Brazil
And so, after our short and eventful stint in Venezuela we took a flight all the way down to Iguazu[...]